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Thank you for checking in! Please bear with us and we’ll get back to your query as soon as possible.  

While you wait

As we get close to the event, we receive a lot of questions that are addressed in our website FAQs, on the individual page of your respective event, or on the Important Documents page.

Please have a read through this info to see if your answer is available, as we’ll prioritise answering questions that aren’t addressed in there. If you find the answer, let us know and we can keep working on making the event AWESOME. 

Entry Refunds & Transfers 

If you have missed all other cues and have tried to submit an Entry Transfer request here, please be aware that it will not be actioned and you’ll need to go to the Refunds and Transfers instead. It’s just not possible for us to address everyone’s individual special requests and still have the time to organise the event, so please don’t think the lack of response to any Refunds/Transfers submitted through this contact form is personal to your situation. 

See you on the trails!