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Conditions of Entry

runher races

There are no particular entry requirements in order to participate in runher races, aside from meeting the following age and gender requirements:

age and gender Restrictions


Women and girls 15+ years of age on the day of the event


Women and girls 12+ years of age on the day of the event

4.4km COURSE

Women and girls 6+ years of age on the day of the event **
Boys aged between 6 and 13 years of age on the day of the event **
Adults of any gender entered as a Support Runner for a child

** Note that ALL runners under 12 years of age on the day of the event MUST BE DIRECTLY SUPERVISED for the duration of the run – that is, a parent or guardian must run with the child for the entire distance, and they too must be entered in the event (either as a registered runner themselves, or as a free Support Runner).

runner requirements

It is your responsibility to ensure that you and any children in your care are fit enough to complete the event, and that you do not have any illness that will hinder your ability to complete the event. It is your responsibility to monitor your health and condition, and that of children in your care, during the event and to withdraw from the event if no longer fit enough to continue safely. At the time of registration, you will be required to read and agree to a Participant Waiver – please ensure you read this waiver carefully prior to agreeing to its terms.


The organisers of the Event, Those Guys Events, have public liability insurance cover. This does not include personal accident insurance for competitors. We recommend that you arrange your own personal accident insurance and ambulance cover before participating in the Event to cover any unforeseen personal costs you may incur due to ambulance trips, medical expenses or time off work due to injuries sustained whilst participating in the Event.

Refund Policy

Refunds untilRefund Percentage
3 Months from event70% of Entry Fee
2 Months From Event50% of Entry Fee
2 Weeks from event30% of Entry fee
Less than 2 Weeks0% of Entry Fee

Entry Transfer Policy

Entry transfers may be accepted please see full details about entry transfers here.

Event Cancellation

In the event that the Event course is, in the opinion of the event organisers, unsafe (e.g heavy rain, high winds, bushfires, “acts of god” etc), or at the direction of any other relevant authority, organisers may be required to alter the course, postpone or cancel the event. See full details about event cancellation or postponement here.


You will receive an electronically timed result after the event.