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Entry Transfers & Refunds

Please follow the instructions below for all entry transfers and refunds


Refunds for the event are available according to the schedule outlined in the table below.

Refunds untilRefund Percentage
3 Months from event70% of Entry Fee
2 Months From Event50% of Entry Fee
2 Weeks from event30% of Entry fee
Less than 2 Weeks0% of Entry Fee

You may also transfer your entry to another runner for $10.

Details on how to transfer entry between event distances and transfer entry to new runners can be found below.


Runners who become pregnant after signing up can request a full refund. You are welcome to participate while pregnant if you and your medical professionals agree it’s safe.

transfer your entry to another runner

  • Transfers to another runner must be fully finalised (ie the new runner entered) by entry cut-off at 11:59pm AEST on the Thursday prior.
  • You’ll need the email address of the new runner. They will receive an email with a link that they’ll need to click to accept the transfer.
  • The new runner will need to accept the emailed offer and finalise their entry within 2 days and/or before entries close (whichever is sooner), and pay the $10 admin fee to finalise their entry.
  • It is your responsibility to organise this with the new runner and to receive any funds/favours/brownie points that have been agreed on between yourselves.
  • To transfer your entry:
    • Log back in to edit your registration
    • Under the registration that you would like to change, click Transfer
    • Follow the instructions in Eventplus.

Please note:

  • Any exchange of funds/favours is worked out between the buyer and the seller, and Those Guys Events / runher is not responsible for that transaction.
  • We strongly recommend the transfer is completed (the new runner has successfully entered) before any funds are exchanged to reduce the possibility of online fraud.
  • Please be fair and don’t sell your entry for more than you originally paid. Anyone found to be profiting off transfers may be asked not to enter our events again.

changing to a different event distance

  • You will be able to change distances until about 7am on race day.
  • Online category changes are available until 12 midnight AEST on the Thursday prior.
  • To change distances online:
    • Log back in to edit your registration
    • Under the registration that you would like to change, click Change Category
    • Follow the instructions in Eventplus.
  • If you are moving from a shorter event to a longer event, you will need pay the difference to finalise the change. A refund is not available if changing from a longer event to a shorter event.
  • If you wish to change distances after online entries close, ask at the bib collection tent before 7am on event day. Please bring cash if you wish to change from a shorter event to a longer event.

Event Cancellation or Postponement

If the event is unable to go ahead as scheduled, ie due to weather, lockdowns, or other unforeseen circumstances, you’ll be offered the choice of:

  • Transferring to the new date, if the event has been rescheduled
  • Transfer to a new runner
  • A refund

For runners who have entered using a transfer, we will have to process refunds manually as we didn’t receive funds directly from you. In that case, we’ll refund up to the value the original runner paid for their entry (ie if they received a free entry for some reason, you won’t get a refund). Transfer fees are non-refundable. 

If the event is cancelled or postponed, no responsibility is taken by the organisers for lost travel or accommodation expenses.

If the event course has to be amended, but it will be going ahead on the same date, no refunds will available.