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runher races

Volunteer Waiver

This is a legal document. Please read the entire document carefully. All volunteers must read and indicate their agreement.

  1. In consideration of Those Guys Events (the “Event Directors”) accepting my volunteer participation in the runher races (the “Event”) I agree to this release of claims, waiver of liability and assumption of risk.
  2. In the event that I become aware of any medical condition or impairment, that would impair my ability to safely volunteer in the Event, or am otherwise sick or injured prior to or during the Event, I will notify the Event directors to cancel my availability.
  3. I acknowledge that volunteering at the Event is a potentially hazardous activity and that by such participation I am exposed to certain risks beyond the accepted safety of life at home or at work.
  4. I acknowledge and understand that whilst volunteering at the Event:
    • My personal property may be lost or damaged. I am responsible for securing my personal possessions;
    • The conditions in which the Event is conducted may vary without warning;
    • I may be in a remote or isolated location where access to medical support may be limited and take significant time to reach me;
  5. I assume the risk and responsibility for any injury, death or property damage resulting from my participation in the Event.
  6. I agree that if I am injured or require medical assistance the Event Directors can at my cost arrange medical treatment and emergency evacuation as deemed necessary by the Event Directors. I agree that I am responsible for my own medical and ambulance insurance. I also agree that in the event I am injured, or my property is damaged I will bring no claim, legal or otherwise, against the Event Directors in respect to that injury or damage.
  7. I agree to discharge, release and indemnify the Event Directors, its officers, employees, agents, other volunteers, contractors, public bodies, sponsors, participants, the owners and occupiers of land used in the event, their representatives and successors from all liability and against any and all claims, demands, right or cause of action, suits, expenses, costs and proceedings of any nature whatsoever which may be made by me or on my behalf or by other parties for or in respect of or arising out of any injury, loss, damage or death caused to me or my property as a result of my participation in the Event whether by negligence, breach of contract or in any way whatsoever.
  8. I agree to allow my name, photographs, videos, and multimedia or film likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose by the Runher Races, Those Guys Events, the Event sponsors, or assigns without payment or compensation.
  9. I agree to abide by the Event rules and the directions of all Event officials.
  10. I acknowledge that the Event Directors may change the advertised course without notice if the Event Directors deem this necessary. I also acknowledge that the Event Directors may cancel the Event due to weather conditions, safety considerations or any other unforeseeable conditions, and that in such circumstances the volunteer role may be changed or cancelled.
  11. Parents and or Guardians of volunteer participants under 18 years of age must give written consent for their child to volunteer at the event and be responsible for their child on the day of the event.

I have carefully read this agreement and understand its contents, and agree to participate in the Event on the conditions as described above.